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Door To Door Service

We are able to manage every steps of your shipments untill the goods arrives at your warehouse worldwide: Prepare & Packing, Export documents, Freight, Customs clearances, Final delivery.

Standard Bulk Packaging

5kg/ Box, 10kg/ Box, 25 kg gunnysacks or 50kg gunnysacks, We are able to provide VACUUM PACKING facilities, which enable us to supply our products with fresh taste all over the world.

Cleaning & Packing The Pistachios

The capacity of Processing Complex of “khalij sdn bhd” is more than 25 MTs per day. The complex equipped with updated modern technology.

Green Pistachios Kernels

This kind is used to add flavor and/or green coloring to ice cream, cookies and other cuisine.

Harvesting The Pistachios

With the start of autumn season, harvesting of the pistachio crops has commenced in Iran’s Kerman province.

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Khalij Sdn. Bhd. is one of the biggest Importer & distributer of finest pistachios in Southeast Asian countries.

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About Pistachios

Harvest Processing

The pistachio processing industry in Iran is gradually moving from traditional, low-capacity, home or farm based, sun-drying units towards specialized, […]

Pistachios Flower

As with most wind-pollinated plants, pistachio flowers are small and not showy, as with, left, the female ‘Golden Hills’ and, […]

Fresh Pistachios

Do you like pistachios? You will love fresh pistachios! They are only around for a short while.

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